So Many Movies, So Little Time…

Most non-Austinites tend to think of our fair city in terms of its status as the capital of Texas, but contrary to what the woefully unenlightened may presume, we’re also one of the most film-mad, cinematically literate cities in the world. Consider this: a very partial list of local filmmakers includes Richard “Slacker” Linklater, Robert “El Mariachi” Rodriguez, Mike “Office Space” Judge, Bryan “Dear Pillow” Poyser, and (although he recently moved to nearby San Antonio) Guillermo “Hellboy” del Toro, among countless up-and-comers and, lest we forget, honorary Austinites Quentin Tarantino and Sandra Bullock, who sometimes seem to spend more time in Austin than they do in L.A. All these auteurs in town translates to plenty of film festivals, too, so many in fact that at times they overlap and it’s all one can do to find time to sleep/eat/breed. This Thursday, October 14, for example, the Austin Film Festival kicks off with over 100 films, 60 panels, and VIPs ranging from Garry Shandling to Barry Levinson and beyond. And parties, endless parties. Oy, my head hurts already. (But in a good way.) Check out the AFF’s website at

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