Deep in the heart of South Austin

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What is it about South Austin that compels folks that live here to actually plaster their zip code on bumper stickers, t-shirts, and signs, and tattoo it on their bodily parts? Is it the funky-retro shops which gather larger crowds on First Thursday than on 6th Street? Is it because of the South First “tex-mex mile” which has many difference nuances of the cuisine? Is it because it is home to The Soup Peddler who feeds over 1000 hungry souls and also home to the Two Unemployed Democrats who lost their jobs and created an empire based on political bumper stickers? Oh, and don’t forget Joe’s Cafe full of vespa riders, computer geeks and residents of the Austin Motel and San Jose Hotel who stayed out late at the Continental Club. Just a wee bit further south on Congress is Ruta Maya Coffee House which serves up yoga, poetry slams, political films, drag king performances and coffee.

When I was buying my house in the neighborhood my realtor said it was the most diverse zip code in the country. I’m not sure if it is the most diverse but take a look yourself at the demographics or visit Casa Neverlandia, the home of two South Austin artists.

On a sunny day take a drive to South Austin and find out for yourself. The air seems a little lighter and the people like rastas sitting on a white sandy beach looking out onto the baby blue sea. Visit the funky shops including the hidden treasure-packed Uncommon Objects, stop by the Museum of Popular Culture to see Stevie Ray Vaughan’s bell-bottoms, have lunch on the tex-mex mile or at Magnolia Cafe, visit the earth-friendly EcoWise, pick up a tincture at the Herb Bar, visit the two unemployed democrats, check out Resistencia Bookstore and Asylum Books, take home some yummy goodness from the Soup Peddler, and pick up a exotic video from Pedazo Chunk Video or stay till 9pm and watch the free nightly screening with snacks. Is my life complete, sigh, yes, and so can yours.

Visit South Austin online:

Mary Street Visual Tour

(sorry Tara Toys could not afford the rent on South congress and had to move to Anderson Ln.)

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South Austin, Texas

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Keep Austin Weird

Make Austin Normal (so move–I say!)

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