Some good airline customer service

So, I was flying this past weekend. I was flying on everyone’s favorite, Southwest Airlines. I know they get a bad rap from time to time, but I actually have kudos for them. I was late arriving to the airport for my return flight. Because I arrived with my check-in luggage less than 30 minutes from scheduled departure, my bag didn’t make it on the plane.

Fast forward to ABIA. All the bags come down the ramp and onto the luggage tilt-a-whirl. Mine isn’t there. I enter the SW baggage office and deal with the helpful and friendly Jennifer. The next guy dealt with someone far less helpful and friendly. I lucked out.

I was given updates on the progress of things during the day, and finally, late in the afternoon my bag had arrived. Too bad I was on my way somewhere, and wouldn’t be home for delivery. I offered to come pick it up, since the airport wasn’t too far out of my way. For my trouble, I was given a $50 travel voucher. (When’s that next trip?!) I also got to see the lovely and very friendly and helpful Jennifer – go me!

So, thanks to the nice folks at Southwest, a bad ending to my good weekend was averted.

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