Factoids from the freebies

Tribeza says wonderful things (as it should) about Chez Nous. Tribeza claims that it reaches more than 60,000 Austinites and that those Austinites have an average annual household income of over $112,000. Does that mean that shoppers at BookPeople and Whole Foods fit that demographic? Those are two places where copies of Tribeza may be found. I always love it when Chez Nous is recognized for the amazing example of Austintude that it is. When Chez Nous opened, it succeeded umpteen failed ventures at that location. Chez Nous survived without any air-conditioning for the longest time, and at first it even served meat that was cut and named according to French, not Texan, custom.

Karen Monsho gets some lively and fairly candid quotes from eastside political movers and shakers who won’t always speak to the press. The article in The Good Life for November is ostensibly about gentrification, but it touches on some of the political tugs-of-war that don’t get much coverage from the local daily.

El Norte continues to hold its own each month in paid ads. According to El Mundo, La Mexicana is now open 24 hours a day. I haven’t been there since it was La Reyna. Maybe there are good crusty bolillos to be found, since the current owner is actually from Mexico. El Mundo had an insert of national-brand coupons. El Norte supported G.O.P. candidates; El Mundo, Democratic ones. El Mundo published quite a lengthy feature on day-laborers waiting for work in Home Depot parking lots.

Lately it’s been tough to keep up with Mujer de madera, but

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