Roving Rudolph’s returns

Last year, Rudolph’s tree lot wasn’t at the accustomed place. I think that the owners were hoping to sell the land and develop it in no time, which didn’t happen. Eventually Rudolph’s was finally found, on South Congress on what was probably a part of the Fox Service grounds, near St. Elmo. At that location this year, there’s an inconspicuous sign directing seekers to somewhere on William Cannon and also to 2401 South Lamar, which turns out to be the traditional Rudolph’s stand, at Evergreen by the trailer park. This spot is in the shade, which helps the trees to keep longer. We didn’t get our Christmas tree today. It’s easier to wait until there’s not much choice. With a smaller array, not much time is invested in the selection process and so it’s much more efficient. If I saw the bottom off any tree, even one that has stood in the sun, I find that it takes up water until Easter, if that’s how long we want to have it around. It also helps that trees in this household have no lights on them. Nothing beats candlelight on a tree, and that’s what we had when I was a kid. But now I feel that candles on a tree are too dangerous; yet, no artificial lights ever look good to me. Off a tree and strung in garlands, yes; but on a tree, no. Even though the tree will come from Rudolph’s, it may be time to stop by the Optimist tree lot on North Lamar to see if anybody’s made any beer-can or pop-can pinwheels this year. The existing ones are getting a bit old.

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