Nuclear Tacos

My words of wisdom for today: do not underestimate the nuclear taco.

After the panels today at SXSW, I ventured on over to Brush Square Park where there was to be free nuclear tacos and beer.

Considering the fact that I enjoy spicy food, I figured that the whole nuclear taco thing would not be a problem. As I slowly moved up in the line, “WARNING! NUCLEAR TACOS ARE INCREDIBLY HOT” signs were all around. I ignored them for the most part.

Nevertheless, I decided to play it safe and go with one “Hot” taco and one “Nuclear” taco. Yeah, uhmm, bad choice. I could barely eat the hot taco, and I found myself finishing a can of soda in record time. My lips are still burning as I write this. For a while, I felt like I was breathing fire.

I don’t know if nuclear tacos are an Austin thing and if they actually have any restaurants in the area that serve them. If they do, I’d highly recommend that you think twice before going for the “nuclear” flavor.

Mild, anyone?

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