Turnip greens and separate checks

There are times when it’s just too complicated to figure out whose turn it is to pick up the check, especially when there’s an ever-changing cast of characters over a period of days.

That’s the time for Luby’s, especially if it’s in the middle of the afternoon and nobody’s up for Katz’s or for Mexican or Chinese food. Luby’s isn’t new or exotic for people from Texas, but it’s a surprising tourist attraction.

The cafeteria system takes care of the problem of separate checks. Very little kids can be rolled through the line in one of those wheeled high-chairs. The closest to downtown is at Oltorf, convenient to the Clarion and La Quinta.

Tea (no need to say “iced” around here; say “hot” if that’s what you want) has always been the chief beverage; lately, varieties of Jarritos have been available.

Yesterday, my personal LuAnn platter included the very best turnip greens tasted in years and years and years, green and tender and sweet and cooked either with ham or bacon. And the jalapeno cornbread was fine, just fine. Others held the coconut cream pie and the (don’t laugh!) Jell-O salad in as high regard. The pico de gallo was heavy on picante serranos, and the excellent cornbread, as always, was unsweetened, as tradition dictates.

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