Tribeza and Austin Daze are gratis, though not always easy to find. Tribeza doesn’t put its contents on line; the Daze does, though sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find the item sought. Austin Monthly is comped through the mail to some census tracts; it’s sold for $2.95 per issue.

The best of Tribeza #44 is that it explains what some of those eye-catching houses seen around town are: they’re “Metrohouses,” designed by Studio Momentum. The interiors are often designed to be finished out by the buyer, to keep costs down. Some that I’ve noticed have screened-in porches or rooms. Many seem to be duplexes. Sometimes these structures can seem a bit out of scale or even incompatible visually with neighboring residences, but I do think that they bring something new, interesting, and useful to Austin. Gallery Lombardi will be using one of these to house an exhibition event on April 9, featuring the work of, among others, Rory Skagen of Blue Genie Art.

The nomination for best piece in this month’s Austin Monthly goes to the “What’s in Your iPod” feature (although the subject claims to use a Dell Digital DJ). Mayor Will Wynn selects 100 favorite tunes from Austin artists. One of my personal favorites, “My Wife Thinks I’m Dead” (Junior Brown) makes number 4 on his list. “Beer, Bait and Ammo” finds a place there, as well. Kinky Friedman says nothing new in the brief interview. In a longer and much better interview, Neal Pollack reports that he’s been in Austin for two and a half years and that he’s writing a book about “how to be a hipster dad” in Austin. There’s also a short tribute to the Cedar Door, which in my opinion has never been the same since it left its first location, on 15th Street, within stumbling distance of the Capitol. To some degree, it was the location that made the bar, though plenty will disagree.

Austin Daze interviews Jody Denberg, praises Thai Passion, and inaugurates a new recurring column with great potential, called “The Worst of Austin,” by Henri Mazza, of Two Note Solo.

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