Have you made up your mind?

voteaqui.jpgIf you’ve selected your candidates and made up your mind on the two issues, a vote today will take just a few minutes. Even downtown there are no lines. Turnout so far has been so low that a single vote could make the difference on either of the two issues or for any of the three candidates for city council. Early voting is wonderful for those whose schedules are impossible to predict. The election officials are really languishing for lack of voters. They’re tired of each other and need to see new faces. Even though the weather’s beautiful, a few minutes between now and six o’clock today is all the time it’ll take. Just remember that, once you’ve punched in your access number and have reached the first of the elections screens, you’ll need to press the “next” button before you get to make your choices and use the “enter” button and at last the “cast ballot” one. I love the whirly selection wheel. On the way to check out the Pleasant Valley pulga and stop in at the Riverside Walgreen’s for some junky show-business magazines in Spanish, we saw the Michael Salgado tour bus in the parking lot by Club Carnaval and also noticed the voting trailer at Albertsons and invested three or four minutes. Now, if things get crazy on the day itself, we’ll already have cast our ballots.

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