Eeyore’s Recap

We managed to avoid a rain-out this past Saturday at Eeyore’s 42nd Annual Birthday Party. The rain in the morning kept the dust down and prevented it from getting too hot. We all wore sweatshirts or pullovers until noon. The kids’ costume contest lasted a little long this year. I understand that they were trying to include everyone and to award a prize to each participant, but allowing kids to keep trickling in almost an hour after the contest started was a little much. We didn’t manage to win a bike this year, maybe next year. The crowds picked up by late afternoon as evidenced by the longer and longer wait times at the port-a-potties by the time we left around 6.

There was a new brewery at this year’s beer stand, Independence Brewing Co. I hadn’t heard of them before, probably because they’re draft only and I don’t get out much anymore. Apparently, they were founded late last year by a longtime brewer from Copper Tank. I tried one cup of the Independence Pale Ale and was underwhelmed, although in their defense, I had already had a few and may have been a little distracted. I’ll give them another chance. I can’t say I was ever very impressed with the beers at Copper Tank either, so I’m not surprised that I wasn’t into it.

I posted a few shots over on Flickr. I may add a few more tonight if I don’t hit my limit.

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