Get Ready to RoT

Summer’s here, the students are heading home, and the locals get to rejoice in less traffic and shorter lines at Crown & Anchor for the next few months. But just when you thought it was safe to go back on the roads, here come the bikers. Not the Lance-wannabe spandex-sporting kind, but rather the Barger-wannabe leather-sporting kind.

RoT.jpgThis weekend, Austin plays host to the 11th annual Republic of Texas biker rally. The rally is based out at the Expo Center, where you’ll find monster trucks, George Thorogood, biker mamas, and probably more than a few moonlighting accountants in fringe.

For Austinites, however, the real action (to observe or avoid) is the Friday night parade that will block up roads from Decker to Congress for most of the evening. It’ll be a hoot, but plan accordingly. You’ll also want to be on the lookout for the many bikers ripping it up in the Hill Country from Lakeway to Luckenbach. Most of these guys are hard core riders, but you can bet that some of the 40,000 riders will have more drinks than skills, while others will be coming to grips on how to ride their brand new $20,000 midlife penile enhancement. Either way, the roads become a lot more interesting around RoT.

For the uninitiated cagers out there (i.e. “those who drive cars”), please do everyone a favor and avoid adding to the stupidity of the situation. If your normal response is to panic brake when you hear Bubba’s open-pipe chopper ripping up behind you, try to contain yourself. Just drive normally. Or better than that, hopefully. There will likely be a death or two anyway this weekend, so why add to the misery?

This is the perfect weekend for me to go race my own motorcycle at obscene speeds for hours on end; it’s undoubtedly safer than any two-wheeled activities going on in Austin.

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