Behind schedule

Ever since the Cap Metro summer schedule went into effect at the end of May, I’ve been looking for a copy and haven’t found one yet. At some locations checked, the information was that the schedules haven’t been delivered yet; at others, that they have been delivered, but that all copies are gone and have not yet been resupplied.

There were none at either of the two most reliable sources, a certain H-E-B and the central library. It wasn’t helpful for the library information-desk people to say “but it’s available on line.” Obviously those two guys don’t ride the bus. As though there’s Internet access at the corner, just for you, while you’re waiting for the bus.

Printing out the schedule for a route or two isn’t that big a deal, but when travel will take the rider all over town and include rides on unfamiliar lines, that’s not a solution that works.

The summer schedule isn’t so important for the lines regularly ridden. The regular drivers can say what the changes are and there are usually advance notices for the taking.

But “summer schedule” is the euphemism for “curtailed service” on a lot of lines, particularly those heavily used by students during the academic year. It can mean later starts to the day, suspended (meaning fewer) trips on a route, moved stops, dropped stops, and even fairly extensive route changes.

Tomorrow requires travel on unfamiliar routes. So tomorrow will be a step into the unknown, guided only by an outdated schedule. I predict adventure.

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