Two more rewards for Austin’s movie audiences

Howl’s Moving Castle is showing here in a subtitled version in advance of the dubbed one. We’re lucky that way, to be able to see it as the director intended, without the distraction of new dialogue and American voices. The box-office clerks were warning people about the subtitles, and some kids old enough to be able to read and deal with them were changing their minds about seeing the movie. But no adults did in our line.

Paheli is also here, and the house was quite full for today’s 4:20 showing. There’s one slow song that could be cut; otherwise, the screen is full of splendor, in sets, costumes, scenery, and dancing to beautiful music. This is the third Shah Rukh Khan movie that I’ve seen here in Austin on the big screen. It’s easy to see why he’s such a star, and he’s not the only one in this movie. There’s often too much for the eye to take in, and you get your money’s worth in run-time, too, at 140 minutes.

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