OMG! Still hot and sticky!

weatherguide05_198.jpgFrom the better-late-than-never file, KXAN has finally dipped its big toe into the blogosphere. I’m not aware of any local affiliate that has been blogging, and a quick review of the websites seems to confirm that KXAN is the first. Of all things, they have started a weather blog with Jim Spencer and his cracking First Warning Weather Team.

My initial thought was that this is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I envisioned a series of blog entries like: “yup, it sure is hot again,” or “boy I really pulled a boner not predicting that massive thunder storm, yuk yuk.” But once I looked it over, it’s not so bad. Not that the entries are scintillating dissections of regional weather patterns, but they are conversational and lightly informative in the way that most inter-personal discussions about the weather tend to be. Since I watch local news about as often as I give my dog a pedicure, the blog entries are a decent substitute (for the news, not the pedicure).

Jim Spencer had already cornered the market for weathermen who referee high school football, but now he’s tapped into the cyber-culture as well. That’s about as eclectic as local news personalities get, I think. Welcome to the party, guys.

Note to KXAN: you might actually want to link to the blog from inside the weather section.

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