Free Money

With a title like “Free Money”, I’m guessing this post will get a little more traffic than my usual. What I’m talking about is not really free, but more like found money. A friend recently discovered that her husband had some money waiting for him via the Texas Unclaimed Property website. All you need is a first and last name or business name and a city and you can check to see what’s out there. Of course, to claim it, you’ll need to print out a claim form, sign it, and supply other proof that you’re the dumbass who’s leaving money around so long that the state has claimed it. It’s ok. I’m a dumbass too. I had a rebate check that I lost and the found again several months later. Since it said that it was only good for 90 days, I assumed that I was screwed. I guess I wasn’t screwed and the money somehow ended up at the state comptroller’s office.

Administaff, a company based in Houston that handles HR for many smaller firms in Texas and other states, is apparently no good at giving you money that you’re supposed to have either. I reclaimed some from them just before it went to the comptroller a couple of years ago and my friend had a decent amount of Administaff cash sitting at the comptroller as well. I’m not sure if it’s Administaff’s fault or the firm that we both worked for several years back, but they’re clearly not in any hurry to give you your money because I’ve been at the same address for years.

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