Welcome Houstonians, Galvestonians and South Texans

So, you’ll all be hanging out with us this weekend and perhaps the foreseeable future? Excellent. I’m afraid you’re out of luck getting tickets to ACL, but there’s plenty of other stuff going on. I’ll throw in a plug for my own band, The Bad Rackets, playing tonight around 10pm at Beerland.

I’ve already noticed an impact this morning. The traffic heading east on Ben White, FM 969 and US 183 on my commute was much worse than usual. I pass the Delco Center on the way to work. The parking lot was full of both cars and people. News8 confirms that it has reached capacity and LBJ High School is the next location to be filled. I also noticed an Austin Fire Department truck with signs indicating they had hurricane evacuee information at the intersection just south of the Delco Center on US 183.

Here’s hoping all of our houses are spared. I’ve got some trees and a rickety fence that might not survive 60-100mph winds.

Update (1:25PM CDT): Current forecasts have Rita veering a fair amount east of us. It’s bad news for Louisiana and southeast Texas, but it probably means that we’re not going to get much more than a better- than-average rainstorm around here. I have to echo some of the other sentiments I’ve seen from local bloggers. Austinites need to chill. There’s no reason for us to be running around hoarding water, gas and plywood.

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  1. katya (unregistered) on September 23rd, 2005 @ 4:56 pm

    Thanks for the welcome :) Funny thing is, my boyfriend and I were scheduled to come up for a Fun Austin Weekend this weekend but thanks to Rita (that party pooper), we’re stuck at home in Houston. We’d been long looking forward to taking a break in your awesome city, but now all of our friends that we’ve been blabbing about it to are there chilling! Twisted fate…..

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