Pure Gold

Opal's Penn Field MenuI stumbled across it Thursday night I can’t get it out of my mind. I’ve been back twice since that fateful evening. Real Brewing’s Lost Gold IPA is the object of my affection. Don’t go looking for it on their site. It’s not there. Like its name, It’s elusive, almost impossible to obtain. The description on the Opal Divine’s menu reads “Assertive, brewed with over 2lbs. of hops/barrel.” Amen. I love hoppy beers and the aroma wafting off a freshly poured glass of this stuff makes me feel like I’ve been rolling around in a field of hops with the same abandon that my dog reserves for fresh roadkill. If you dig beers like Stone IPA or Bitter End/B-Side’s Austin Pale Ale, then get ahold of some of this treasure before it goes away.

An e-mail to the folks at Real Brewing praising their beer and asking a few questions yielded a quick response from Gabriel with plenty of details. Read on after the jump to see what he said.

thanks for writing. yes, the lost gold ipa is a seasonal draft-only
offering, for now. we’ve just released one batch for now, and i think there
will be 2 more in the pipes before the end of the year. wednesday night
there will be a cask conditioned ipa at opal divines 6th st. at 7pm. it
will go fast.

i believe zax, gingerman, both opals, and maybe one or two other bars will
have it on draft this season. we’ve only released one batch prior to now,
last holiday season, almost a year ago. we hope to have it year round once
we are up and running in our new facility.

we have another seasonal out right now too, the coffee porter made with ruta
maya’s organic shade grown coffee. probably at the same places mentioned
above as well as ruta maya of course.

cheers, and thanks for your support.

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