Salon on Ronnie Earle

Our own Ronnie Earle has been front and center at Salon, in a piece by Austin Chronicler Rob Patterson, who says “whether Earle’s charges against DeLay will stick has become a lively parlor game in Austin, with lawyers and scholars from all sides of the political arena tossing their opinions on the table.”

“Conspiracy and money laundering are going to be difficult to prove,” says [Lou] DuBose. “But it seems to me that Ronnie has the facts and the law on his side. When you have the law, you pound them with the law. And when you have neither, you pound the table, and that’s what DeLay and these guys are doing.”

The article’s a good profile of our District Attorney, who “can seem like a walking, talking contradiction.”

He grew up in a Baptist church and was a high school football player, Student Council president and Eagle Scout. Yet he practices yoga and frequently quotes poets and philosophers alongside old-school Texas adages.

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