New trail markers

newmilemarker.jpgLast week, I posted an image of Town Lake trail markers that had been stacked and stored away. I had assumed they were extras or replacements, but it turns out that the 20-year-old etched markers are now relegated to headstones in their very own graveyard of irrelevance.

New markers have replaced the familiar stones at most points along the trail, sometimes moved slightly in the name of accuracy. For now, trail patrons will have to entertain themselves with counting only at half-mile increments, although the quarter-mile markers are funded and will arrive at some point. The architecturally-inspired design, produced by Yellow Fin Studios, is meant to echo the architecture along Town Lake. They clearly favored the new City Hall flair over the Holly Street industrial ethos.

New markers are only one change initiated by the Town Lake Trail Foundation, which is also spearheading new maps and signage along the trail, as well as a test of ambient lighting. Along with all the tree maintenance and trail restoration, Town Lake is receiving lots of attention these days. And with the perfect Fall temperatures we’re having, there’s no better time to appreciate it.

While the old trail markers may not fit in with Austin’s sleek brushed-aluminum future, they are still perfectly capable of showing numbers for years to come. If you have particular need to display a “6.25” somewhere and have $500 you’d like to donate to future trail improvements, then contact [dan at townlaketrail dot org] for more info.

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