‘Horns and horns and fireworks

Through the open windows last night could be heard outdoor game-viewing parties all over the neighborhood, complete with accompanying aromas of outdoor cooking. There was no need to actually follow the game for those not so inclined, because cheers and groans told it all.

The astonishing thing was that somewhere there were enough USC fans gathered together to make an audible, though lesser, soundscape in opposition to the majority one. This is a first, but may be a manifestation of the seemingly growing numbers of Austinites originally from the Golden State.

Until four o’clock or so this morning the toots on car and truck horns did not abate and it was apparent that a great many of those major explosive devices that were not detonated on New Year’s Eve were set off during the course of the night.

The Co-Op wasted no time, sending out an e-mail at 3:28 am touting a complete line of official championship souvenirs.

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