“The precinct number listed first is abolished.”

Over three dozen precincts in Travis County are gone, folded two into one or even three into one, effective January 1 of this year. It pays to check that new voter-registration card in the mailbox this week.

Without notice, some polling places were combined in November, in advance of the officially required date. The change was approved by the Travis County commissioners on September 13. When people protested about the lack of notice and the inconvenience of the locations, they were led to believe that there were joint polling places, not that some precincts had been abolished altogether.

My correspondence on the subject to multiple relevant elected and appointed officials was acknowledged by just one, with a promise of additional information to come, a promise not kept. My new voter card says that the polling place is to be determined. I can only hope that it will be in a permanent location that does not require crossing dangerous streets, that is within walking distance for the older people who no longer drive, that will not have long waits in crowded rooms, that is central to the area, and that is on a bus line.

Not any of these requirements was met at the surprise November location. Farewell, old precinct. You were a familiar, friendly, and convenient center of neighborhood sociability. I miss you and hope for your return some day.

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