Missing Maria

Missing MariaThose stumbling into Taco XPress for a Sunday morning hangover cure may notice something lacking. For the last week or so, Maria’s giant manifestation has been absent from atop the South Austin landmark. Given the rapid decimation construction going on around Bluebonnet and Lamar, could the disappearance be interpreted as a sign of impending doom for the entire building?

The current Taco Xpress building will meet the bulldozer sooner rather than later, but for now it only means that the statue is away for repairs. A few months back, vandals removed the arms from the “Loco Maria Monster,” leaving South Austin with a Venus de Milo-esque taco icon. Some quick outpatient surgery provided gruesome prosthetic replacements, but now we can look forward to having her back whole again. The Taco Xpress that we know and love will soon be replaced by a new structure, situated next to a Walgreen’s instead of a trailer park, but at least Maria will be there to greet the change with outstretched arms.

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