Saradora’s shutting down for good?

I don’t make it up to Round Rock very often myself. Hell, if I didn’t work just north of 183 and Mopac, I’d probably never make it above 2222, but I digress.

It appears that Saradora’s, the downtown Round Rock coffee shop, is closing. You’ll recall that Saradora’s hosted a drag show back in September, something that caused a much larger uproar than I ever would’ve thought in this day and age. There I go overestimating my fellow man again. You’d think I’d have learned by now. Amy of Amy’s Ice Cream apparently has her eye on the location, but she says “I don’t know if Round Rock’s ready for us”.

Yeah, all that crazy hat wearin’ and ice cream throwin’ is a little to out there for Round Rock. Best just to welcome Baskin Robbins and their plan for domination of the local ice cream market. Good luck with that.

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