Another KOOP fire. Bring on the locusts.

Early Saturday morning a second fire swept the buildings housing community radio KOOP, 91.7FM. This one was a four-alarm blaze that, according to the station’s web site destroyed all of their equipment which had survived the first fire on January 6.

As one of the founding programmers at KOOP and one of the original team of folks who put together their music library (most of which I would imagine was destroyed as well), this pains me a great deal. KOOP has had its growing pains and lord knows there were times in the 90’s when a lot of people had legitimate beefs with how it was being managed, but in recent years it’s been maturing nicely, and Austin desperately needs a station like this.

So send them money. Don’t even screw around waiting for a benefit. Just send them money. If you ever needed KOOP in the past, boy do they ever need you now.

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