In case you don’t recognize these

fresa.jpg They are emblems of Valentine’s Day in Austin. If you share them at work, your popularity will be guaranteed, at least until they’re gone. Chocolate-dipped strawberries are an Austin traditional favorite, first available at this time of year, although now they’re around at other times.

Whether these guys in the sign are from Lammes, who brought them to Austin, I forgot to ask. This is the window at the North Lamar Peoples Pharmacy, where people were dashing out with pastries and coffee or having sandwiches made up for lunch as they made their way to work this morning. The lingerers were browsing the small but entertaining magazine stand. There’s still quite a good selection of non-mushy greeting cards there, the ones that merely say “Happy Valentine’s Day” and don’t try to be humorous or over-sentimental.

Lammes, at the sign of the lamb and candy cane on Airport, iis Austin’s home of old-fashioned and extremely fresh confectionery. Lammes also usually has Boston fruit slices. The stores always let the customer purchase by the individual piece no matter where they are, but the Airport location is where it’s all made and where you can get the most knowledgeable advice on that perfect gift.

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