Spammer for Governor!

Chip Rosenthal takes gubernatorial candidate Bob Gammage to task for political spam, noting that politicians exempt themselves from spam laws, probably with good reason (Says Chip, “Political speech deserves a much higher level of first amendment protection than commercial speech. Spam laws tend to focus on just the latter.”) He goes on to say that

The Gammage campaign spam is some of the worst I’ve seen. First, the periodic mailings are annoying, ankle-biting screeds that just attack his primary opponent. Worst of all, there is no way to stop them. The campaign does not put an “opt out” link in the emails. If you try to respond to the email to ask them to stop, your message just bounces. This goes beyond annoying into the realm of incompetent, which is not a quality I want in my Governor. (By the way, I hadn’t a position of any kind in this race until Gammage started spamming me.)

I’ve seen this happen before: eager political consultants get their hands on whatever lists they can and treat them like gold. What they don’t realize is that gold turns to ash if you don’t handle it properly. This may be less a reflection on Gammage than on whoever he’s hired to handle his campaign, and it’s not always easy to find out who those guys are, because they’re working behind the scenes. I note that Gammage’s site has the obligatory blog front and center, but without comments or any other interactive options. When will politicos learn that it’s time to stop talking, and start listening?

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