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Lectures on Green Architecture and Preventing Deadly Diseases

…not at the same time though. Completely separate subjects. Not lectures about how sustainable architecture can prevent deadly diseases. Here’s the info:

Austin Police – Cleared Again

So the two police accused of being over zealous – punching a man several time after he was on the ground – have been cleared of all charges:


Look I am a big fan of the police – they have a job that I could not dream of doing.

However it seems to me that there is an increase in police brutality in Austin that should really be examined more closely.

Friday Night East Side Inn Action

Among a plethora of other entertainment options tonight are two events at the happening Inn scene on the East side. The first comes from a MySpace bulletin from our favorite 60s girl group-inspired band the Carrots:

For your benefit we have scheduled a night of preprogrammed entertainment in hopes of easing your anxieties regarding what to do with yourself this weekend. This Friday you will be attending a spectacular Carrots show in which 14 unique Care Bear costume wearing teens reenact the horrors of cannibalism in a Stephanie Chan penned play entitled “Telephone Call for Teddy Ruxpin”. The Carrots will perform 10 songs throughout the course of this play. Afterwards, the White Ghost Shivers will perform. We start at 10 pm. The location is the Longbranch Inn on Austin’s fabulous eastside. It is 21+ due to scenes of graphic Care Bear sex. Please bring clothes you don’t mind getting splattered in partially fake blood.

I’m not sure how much of that bulletin is true, but even if it isn’t, you still get to see the Carrots.


Good Cop, Bad Cop

All the national press last week about the TABC crackdown in bars is following the inevitable progression. Of course, the bars, restaurants and tourism boards went running to the Lege as they saw dollars exiting Texas for more permissive pastures. We can’t have any irresponsible drinking in bars unless it affects the tourism dollars and tax base, so I guess it’s ok again. There’s a hearing between TABC and The House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee on April 17th about the issue. The question now is what the TABC will decide to do next with that extra funding and people that it got last summer, but now probably can’t use cracking down on people in bars. I’m sure they’ll find some other parade to rain on.

I didn’t link it last time, but Kelso had a mildly amusing take on the whole thing.

Devil and Daniel Johnston

The Devil and Daniel Johnston, a documentary featuring one of Austin’s most well-known underground (do those go together?) eccentric artists, Daniel Johnston, hits limited release today. Of course, if it’s limited, it’s not playing here yet. I’m sure Dobie or Alamo will get it at some point later this spring or summer.

I mentioned the film last year when it appeared as part of SXSW. Some are comparing the film to Crumb, one of my all-time favorite documentaries. Kenneth Turan reviewed it this morning on NPR and was underwhelmed. He faulted the film’s length and its tendency to overdo its reverence for Johnston. I do like Johnston’s stuff, but I have to agree with Turan that it’s hard to justify the level of praise that’s heaped on him. MTV, predictably, takes the Kurt Cobain angle on the story.

One could argue that Johnston’s sort of the embodiment of Austin, a little weird and unstable, lots of creativity, well-regarded, but not completely mainstream. Of course, all of that could describe Roky Erickson as well. Are they both a product of a screwed up Texas mental health system? Is it just that Austin is the only place in this state where people like Roky and Daniel feel comfortable? I don’t hear about artists like this from Phoenix.

Lone Star Rod & Kustom Round-Up

Rounduptop.gifYou’ll want to avoid South Congress between Town Lake and Oltorf this weekend unless you’re attending the Lone Star Rod & Kustom Round-Up. Steve Wertheimer’s Contintental Club will be ground zero. Trophy’s has got a good looking show tonight with Grady and Honky for $10 as part of the festivities. I’d point you to their site, but it appears to be offline. The Google cached version has my band as the last night listed back in November. I swear we didn’t have anything to do with it.

Speaking of my band, I’ll shamelessly plug our in-store performance at End of an Ear tomorrow at 6pm in celebration of the release of our new CD on Mortville Records. If anything, it’s not on South Congress, but I’ll probably head over that way afterwards to check out the Bloody Tears and Red Light Burlesque at Continental Club. We played a part in the festivities at FlyRite Choppers last year.

StoryCorps Follow-up

Following on my StoryCorps post, KUT reported this morning that the first half of the slots for the Austin booth filled up in nine minutes yesterday, which is apparently the fastest any of the booths has been booked. I was a dumbass and forgot to do it. If you forgot too, another set of slots will open up on April 7th at 10am. You’d better be fast though.

KROX Tries Not To Suck

rm_hotline.jpgIf you listen to 101X at all, you’ve been hearing promos from the relatively new program director, Lawless. They had a poll on their home page up until today asking for music preferences and other input. I filled it out, but since I lamely waited until today tp post about it, you can’t see for yourself. I was going to give them shit for asking a question that expected a single response, but allowed multiple (side effect of being a geek who worked at a market research firm), but I missed my chance. They do still have a link on the site to call or e-mail, so I included it as well.

I’ve been spending more time than usual with them this week because it was fund drive week on KUT and we all know how much fun that is. 101X seems to be paying attention to it or at least making an attempt. I heard “God Save the Queen” on either Monday or Tuesday morning and then “Losing My Religion” was on Tuesday morning. I know it’s not that much of a stretch, but at least it’s not playing Fall Out Boy over and over again. Lawless was at KNAC KNNC, arguably KROX’s predecessor from the early 90’s. He replaced Melody Lee, who also worked at KNAC KNNC and took off at the end of last year for greener pastures.

It doesn’t look much like itself

Nor, as described, does it sound that much like itself. It was almost overlooked as I riffled through the dentist-office copy of the May Metropolitan Home. Nevertheless, Austin’s city hall is number 71 among the 100 design objects highlighted throughout this special annual issue. The sky has been seriously Photoshopped and turquoised up, and the scale of the photo-illustration is a little off in some way. The Predock-designed peculiarity is described as “a totally green building, which produces its own energy.” I like the building as well as the next person, but it’s already too small and the odd canopy over the ceremonial front stairway entry does, as predicted, do unpleasant things to the unwary pedestrian when there’s a heavy downpour. The description of Austin itself is a bit misleading as well: “The environment has the right of way here.” Those browsing the newstand may proceed directly to page 102.

All Metroblogging cities RSS feed

The mothership has added a feed for all of the Metroblogging cities. Now you can fire up your favorite newsreader (I’m partial to Bloglines, myself.) and easily check out what’s new across the 44 city worldwide network. Pretty cool.

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