To The Dogs

dog.jpgIt’s funny what people will get worked up about sometimes. I’d been tending to ignore this dogs-on-patios issue because I thought it was such a silly thing to have a debate about. Apparently, it’s big enough to get City Council members to have press conferences and local attention grabbers to take the opportunity to grandstand. Why the hell does Marc Katz have an opinion on this anyway? Is he intending to run for mayor again this year? Good luck with that.

The issue? Whether or not restaurants should be allowed to have dogs on their patios. Not whether or not they should be able to have them on tables or in the restaurant, but if they’re allowed on an outside patio. I think this whole ruckus started last year when Austin/Travis County Health inspectors started issuing warnings to Freddie’s Place and Austin Java Company among others for having dogs on the patio. This prompted Freddie’s to begin deputizing dogs in an attempt to get around the rule. Now, the City Council has taken up the issue and will have a hearing tomorrow night on whether or not to change the city law and explicitly allow restaurants to choose to allow or not allow dogs on outdoor patios.

I’m wondering who would have a problem with this? I remember several years ago that Gingerman stopped allowing dogs after an incident at Lovejoy’s where a patron was bitten in the face by a dog, but that’s not a health issue. Several people have pointed out as part of the debate that it’s ok to have a grackle shit in your food, but it’s not ok for a dog to be sitting on the ground anywhere near your table? Makes perfect sense.

BTW, that photogenic fellow in the photo is my housemate of nearly 10 years and he has no problem with dogs on the patio as long as they stay away from his ball.

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  1. Lady A Beers (unregistered) on March 3rd, 2006 @ 1:50 am

    Hi Tim, I love your post! I was at the Public meeting tonight. The admendment to allow dogs back to restaurant patios has passed with 6 for and 1 against ( council member Danny Thomas voted against this very reasonable suggestive ordinance : He claimed that san Antonio and Dallas Forth Worth do not even allow dogs on patios ) This is totally to the contrary of my experience. We actually saved money on outings around here since late last year, to frequent Dallas and San Antonio where my dog is welcome everywhere, no one blinked an eye, and restaurant managers even personnally bring him a nice water bowl. I came here from Paris, France 19 years ago, I never aware that there is such an ” unfound fear ” about dogs here in America, until I rescued one, and become a true dog lover. People with children ( even the ill-mannered ones ) are allowed to go anywhere. I paid as much or more taxes and contributed to this country as anyone else, yet, I do not have the privilege to bring my own loving child ( who happen to have 4 legs ) with me to places. I hope ” true ” dogs lovers will speak up from now on for all of our sakes.

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