At eye-level for a reason

dwidude.jpgWhen you’re holding up the lamp-post or when the lamp-post is keeping you vertical, DWI Dude has his ad where you’ll be sure to see it.

On the events page of this guy’s site are pictures of people wearing promotional T-shirts with this logo on the front and the telephone number on the back; some of those photographed are holding rolls of the same kind of sticker as that pictured here, which was found today on a post right by the main library. The events featured are Mardi Gras and St. Paddy’s Day, naturals for the attorney in this line of work.

There are pages and pages of rules governing how an attorney communicates to the lay public. This particular method is just a bit more ingenious than most.

Somebody else already has the duidude domain and is squatting right there.

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