Not just fire; cholesterol and fat as well

These are the enemies of team C at Austin’s fire station number 2. Engine company 2 is the fire station at MLK close to the Drag. Today’s NYT puts this feature at the head of its national section: Firefighters Gone Vegan? Even Austin is Impressed (byline Deborah Blumenthal). Some members of the team are reported to be “flexitarians.” In other words, occasionally they’re known to consume what one of my relatives is pleased to call “fast vegetables.” The neighboring branch of Jimmy John’s is reported to feature a menu item called the “Engine 2 Veggie Sandwich.” According to the bios, one of the members of Team C is a native Austinite; the others are originally from out-of-state Other Places. The recipe page put up by this team does include so-called “tasty tofu burgers.” Could there be any such thing?

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  1. ttrentham (unregistered) on March 27th, 2006 @ 3:05 pm

    I suppose it reflects on the Statesman that they wrote an article about this back in October, but nobody started talking about it until the NY Times featured it 5 months later. Perhaps NY Times picked it up from this?

    And what’s the big deal anyway? So one firehouse has gone vegan. It’s 2006 fer chrissakes. Yes, this is Texas, but it’s also Austin. Are we really going to trot out the tired cliches about masculinity and eating meat?

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