Council: Just Skating By

Dear Mr. / Mrs. Public,

I am writing to update you on the progress of your City Council playgroup. This has been a busy year thus far, and they have largely been well-behaved, entertaining themselves by playing with blocks. We have had a few issues with the playgroup re-writing rules to get their way. In these cases, however, the creative energy of some members was enough to elicit a passing grade.

But as of late, they have grown increasingly petulant and resistant to oversight. One of our advisors, Mr. Yelonosky, provided the group with feedback on their latest project. Instead of applying themselves to address the content of Mr. Yelonosky’s concerns, they groused continuously and exerted the minimum possible effort. There are real issues to be dealt with on this project, and their spoil-sport attitude has done nothing to help.

I am very disappointed in your council’s behavior, and have come to expect more than this lackluster effort. Currently, I am forced to assign them a grade of F- on the charter amendment project. If this continues, their embarrassing behavior will be on full display during our May open-house.

I don’t need to remind you that membership in this group is subject to change. You might wish to remind the group of this the next time you see them, and encourage them to play better with others. Otherwise, I will be forced to upgrade Jennifer Gale from the waiting list, which would not be in the best interests of our program.

Peter Familias (Proctor)

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