No Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia for Alamo Lakecreek


Yes, fellow Austinites, it’s National Day of Slayer.

As you can see, I’m appropriately assaulting my co-workers with some of their fine musical stylings. I was hoping to find that at least one member of the Austin Alamo Drafthouse empire appropriately commemorating the occasion and Alamo Lakecreek is the only one showing the proper reverence.

In addition to that crap re-make of The Omen (trust me, go rent the original instead, though I must commend the casting of David Thewlis in the part originally played by David Warner), they’ve got a special screening of The Exorcist at 7:30pm tonight. Alamo South Lamar gets a pass because they’re hosting Dionysium tonight, coincidentally this marks two years for the monthly gathering of the hoi polloi.

P.S. Can somebody brave enough to endure the re-make tell me how they handle Damien’s birthday? It’s 6/6/66 in the original, so it sort of worked out with the release of the movie in 1976. Sort of. I can’t see how they’ll pull anything like that off in this one unless they set it in 2012 or something and, if they do, are there any flying cars?

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