Bye for now, Belaire

First off, Hello Austin!

Thursday night I rolled out to the Parish on 6th with a frequent compatriot (FC) of mine. We’d heard that local indie darlings Belaire were taking a sabbatical to record their first full length album and run around with their other bands after that night’s show so naturally we HAD to go.

The Parish is an excellent venue from the audience’s point of view and one of my favorites in Austin. It’s always pleasant inside even when there’s a big crowd, the drinks are well-priced, there’s room for dancing, and if you rock out a little too much then there’s lot of places along the walls to sit where you can still see the show. The last time the FC and I attempted a Parish gig was an 80s dance party that filled up before we got there, so we were sure to be early this time.

The first set of the show was Magic Surprise and these guys need to cut an EP or something soon because after their set a good chunk of the audience flocked to the merch table only to find nary a thing for sale. Boo! A very solid show, very good music. Also, while listening the FC and I kept getting caught up in how one of the band members looked like the spawn of Alfred Molina and John Mayer. I say that with a lot of love. Really.

Next up were the ZomZoms. I’m not sure I could adequately describe the ZomZoms concert experience. The FC and I were so weirded out by the complete sensory overload that we had to go outside and have a moment. They’re like a fever-dream version of Devo and their lead singer sounds like he graduated from the William Shatner school of Talk-Singing (other notable alums include Brandon Urie and Justin Warfield. ) It’s not to say I didn’t like their set, just that I would take them in smaller doses.

Third was Loxsly, a merry band of dudes. I would talk about their music but at this point it’s kinda hazy. But I remember enjoying the show. Interestingly enough their drummer wasn’t actually onstage but played in absentia through the magic of video. Cool!

Finally, Belaire. By the time Belaire took to the stage the crowd had grown considerably. If you’ve never heard Belaire, they sound like the soundtrack to an emo kid video game, all blips and bloops and synthesizer melodies. The music was fun and catchy, and then the hipsters began to dance. And that’s when things got interesting.
Belaire played a pretty long set and followed it up with an encore of requests. It was a great way to send them off towards future developments. Awesome show, guys!

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