A Scanner Party

scanner.jpegTravel may broaden the mind, but it also narrows the metro blogging opportunities. Tomorrow begins the third weekend in a row that I’ll be far away from Austin, but at least this time I’m shipping ahead some Shiner Bock to help ease the transition. I’ll also be spearheading the latest addition to the Metblogs family — Metblogging MD80. Tomorrow’s entries: “Who gives a shit where John Mayer eats?” and “Rant to seat 23D: just ‘cuz you’re huge doesn’t mean you get my armrest.”

But while I’m breathing recirculated air, the rest of you will have the freedom to buy tickets to an upcoming premiere for Richard Linklater’s latest film, A Scanner Darkly. Initial word from a SXSW preview was mixed, but these premiere events have a way of making movies more enjoyable. I went to a similar screening for Jersey Girl, and the entertaining Q&A with Kevin Smith completely overshadowed the cinematic excrement that preceded it.

Tickets for the premiere go on sale tomorrow at Gettix or in person at the Paramount. Your $12 buys admission to the film, Q&A with the filmmaker and guests, a special performance by the film’s composer, and after-hours entry to the Austin Museum of Art. Those wanting better seats and the illusion of high-profile shmoozing can pony up $30 for VIP tickets at the AFS site.

As Keanu might say … “whoa.”

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  1. ttrentham (unregistered) on June 14th, 2006 @ 2:21 pm

    Wiley points out that Linklater has an interview on The Onion’s AV Club about Scanner Darkly, Fast Food Nation and the new Dazed and Confused DVD.

  2. Lauren (unregistered) on June 14th, 2006 @ 4:17 pm

    I’d be interested to see what they’ve done with it since I was one of those lucky few to see it at SXSW. It….needed work. But they told us that it wasn’t finished whenever we saw it so I hope they’ve made some changes. However, I’ll wait to see it student-priced or matinee’d or whatever.

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