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Last night I went to one of the late screenings of Nacho Libre at Alamo South Lamar. Since the movie technically comes out today, I jumped on the chance to see it early because A. I really liked Napoleon Dynamite and it has the same director, and B. Jack Black could make a movie where he reads the phonebook aloud and I’d see it opening day. nacholibrereview.jpg Having been to the ASL before I knew pretty much what to expect- costumed waiters and movie merchandise for sale. (True to form, Alamo was selling shirts and Lucha Libre masks.) I was really surprised, however, at the SXSW-sized line that had formed inside the building, even at 45 minutes til the show. Especially given the olderness of the crowd. There was a special Nacho Libre menu with items such as roasted corn (which you will want) and “quartro leches” cake. Also, the pre-show was the best pre-show I’ve ever seen there- Tenacious D videos, Henri Mazza and his posse (his pozze?) wrestling in a kiddie pool full of canned nacho cheese, backstage shots of Jack Black on the Nacho set. Good times! But you could definitely tell it was an older/lame crowd because NOBODY WAS SINGING ALONG TO TRIBUTE! Dudes! It’s on Google Video, y’all!
The movie is really, really cute! It’s funny without the “WTF” quality of Napoleon Dynamite’s lines (probably Mike White’s influence there) and has a love story that is never sappy nor saccharine. And the kids! The kids were so cute! Not to mention that Lucha Libre’s kindof the most amazing craziness in the world. The main thing that struck me was that this was a movie I would bring kids to. It’s intelligent, fun, funny, and genuine. I think they would be entertained as much as the adults. It teaches life lessons without being preachy, you know? I really enjoyed it and the experience.

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