Geocaching: Bull Creek Holiday Cache

geocaching.gifSunday afternoon we decided to go out for some more Geocaching. We started out by finding “Don’t Stumple and Fall” which, as it turns out, was within walking distance of where we live. After that, we looked at the next nearest cache which was “Bull Creek Holiday Cache“. The description mentioned bringing swim wear if you’re so inclined. Being a hot day, we found ourselves very inclined, so we stopped back by our place and grabbed swim wear for everyone.

We parked at what we thought was probably the nearest parking area and started hiking toward where our GPS told us the cache was located. along the way we encountered what struck me as a complete “Austin moment”. We passed by a woman who was getting ready to swim with her kids in the creek. She noticed that one of our adventure party was not wearing the most practical footwear for hiking through the woods, and definitely not good footwear for wearing in the creek, so she gave our friend a pair of flip-flops. Strangers offering flip-flops to feet in need. I love Austin.

We hiked on for less than half a mile and came upon a great area of the creek where there were already several other people swimming. Our GPS indicated that the cache was on the other side of the creek, so we all put on our swim wear and our water shoes, left our stuff on the side of the creek and trekked across to the other side. We had to check it out in shifts so that there was always someone to watch our stuff. The cache wasn’t very far from the creekside at all, but it was so well hidden that we searched the area what seemed like a hundred times, and it wasn’t until we’d switched out to a second shift of searchers that we found it. The cache was one of the best stocked we’d seen. We took some quiznos coupons, glo-sticks, and a keychain and left a watch, a glow in the dark alien guitar pick and a rope puzzle. By this time we were definitely ready for the nice cool relaxing dip in the creek that followed. It was a great spot to have a dip in the beautiful natural surroundings. We will definitely be going back. As I’ve said before, one of the best things about Geocaching is that you discover places you never knew existed. Happy but tired, we hiked back to the car, and went to Chuy’s for some burritos as big as yo’ face. Now that’s how I like to spend my Sunday.

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