The Things We Always Do, Again

My ex-door neighbor from last year is back in town again. She was instrumental in my assimilation into adulthood, and since then she’s been back and forth between here and her various stops on her westward expansion. I miss her whenever she’s gone and I still drive to her apartment before I remember she’s moved.
Whenever she comes down to visit there’s no question where we’re going first. Dinner is always Trudy’s by UT- our favorite waiter is Boyd. We usually get the same food and the same drinks with little variation, and we eat and talk until the hostess eyes us warily, wondering when we’re going to free up our table.
Afterwards we meant to walk the Drag but Urban closed at 7 on Sunday and it was 2 til so we just went to Toy Joy and camped out there for awhile, then we went to Amy’s for ice cream and photo booth nonsense. It was a gorgeous day.
I always think it’s interesting that people who visit me in Austin for the first time always want to go hear music, go out, go down 6th and 4th, etc, but on subsequent visits they all want to go out to eat. They want to go to Hyde Park Bar & Grill again, go back to Kerbey, back to Asti. The music is great and all, wonderful, really, but if it came down to a rock show or The Salt Lick, I’d take the meat.
The Ex-door neighbor and I are planning to go out one more time along with her dude and Evan, and we’re thinking Salt Lick but we’re open to suggestions. Where’s a good place to take your friend before she finally heads out to LA, readers?

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  1. Heath (unregistered) on June 20th, 2006 @ 10:59 am

    Ahh, so many, but the first response that came to my mind was the Chuy’s “Big as yo’ face” burrito.

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