All in one ring

hvaz.jpgThe seats now have backs; the tent’s air-conditioned; the show’s the thing. The circus is really sort of at the Krieg fields. If you park there, the three dollars goes to Parks and Recreation. Circo Hermanos Vazquez included the following at this afternoon’s show, according to what I can recall. The opener was a sort of swing act: three performers provided the momentum and the fourth lauched himself, turned multiple somersaults in mid-air, and landed in a piece of fabric in a fashion akin to one of those Jackie Chan awning stunts. There were audible gasps. A beautiful young woman danced en pointe and then did a balancing act involving a sword and a pair of scissors, point to point. A troupe of Brazilian dancers in lavish regalia made the first of two appearances. The women were beautiful and the men were handsome. There was a liberty act with two Arabian horses, two Bactrian camels, and two zebras. There was a motorcycle globe of death. I almost forgot the two-person vaudeville-zebra act with some scatological features; this was a great audience-pleaser.

During the intermission, photos were taken in the audience and also in the ring with little Minimo, the miniature horse. Three tigers were obviously performing for their treat-on-a-stick rewards. The clowns, Chicharron and Luis Miguel, starred in the second half, during which LuisMi also imitated Jose Jose, Juan Gabriel, and Vicente Fernandez, complete with caricature eyebrows and sideburns. The Brazilians danced again, in even more spectacular feathered costumes. The two young men in the dual-cage wheel of death thrilled us all. Except for some incidental music made by the clowns, all acts but one were accompanied by recorded music. That act was a troupe of African drummers and dancers. I was very sorry not to hear the origin of this accomplished group. After the show, many of our seatmates were photographed in the center of a line of the female Brazilians, still in their tall shoes and their feathers, in a Rockette-type of formation. A couple of families took advantage of this opportunity, but it was most popular with young men.

We were happy with our popcorn and bottled water. After the show, dozens headed for the tricycle paletero set up unofficially under a tree at the edge of the grounds. His icy refreshments were most popular; others headed for the stand selling raspas, cups of flavored shaved ice. All those who attended left smiling. The circus speaks to all and not the slightest knowledge of Spanish is required. Two shows remain today, three tomorrow, and two each on Monday and Tuesday.

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