Starting the day off right

4seasons.jpg The way to do that is with breakfast, so we’re told; and if that’s true, then a Four Seasons breakfast starts the day off right to the nth degree. We enjoyed the early, lighter breakfast yesterday, not even the later, grander one (that one consists of numerous main courses, unlimited champagne mimosas, very fancy desserts, and much, much more), and nobody felt the slightest pang of hunger until about seven in the evening, even after just one pass through the buffet line. Tables are available inside or outdoors; the dining room enjoys natural light and carpet-dampened acoustics. This first breakfast ends at 10:30 on Sunday, making way for the more elaborate meal. For under twenty dollars, there’s a never-empty carafe of good coffee (and decaffeinated available as well), accompanied by sugar and cream for those who don’t like it black. Four miniature jars of Swiss preserves appear on the table. Giant goblets of orange and grapefruit juice are never empty. Choices yesterday were the custom-cured bacon and ham, plus patty and link homemade sausage. The bacon is the Platonic ideal of this foodstuff. Baked goods included, but were not limited to, croissants, jalapeno-cheese corn muffins, biscuits, rolls, other muffins, and a wonderful coffee cake that’s yellow with egg and flavored with lots of lemon juice and with spices that seem to include cinnamon and generous amounts of nutmeg. There were potatoes sauteed in butter, eggs Benedict with home-cured Canadian bacon, scrambled eggs, and more. Fresh fruits included three kinds of berries, with cream to accompany them, plus a fresh pineapple and a selection of melons. This is what I can remember. Breakfast a la carte is available but we didn’t even look at the menu. By asking at the door of the dining room, it’s usually possible to obtain a free Sunday edition of the NYT. Parking in the underground garage sometimes requires payment and sometimes not. It’s best to ask the waitperson for a receipt or validation, just in case the pay-station is staffed. We retired to the poolside canopies to scan the paper before it was time for company to head for the airport. Some people were enjoying liquid refreshments there; others were strolling the grounds after dining. As we left, the staff was laying out the elegant little cookies and petits fours for the benefit of people leaving the dining room after the fancy buffet set to begin at 10:30.

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