Cafe Caffeine

Cafe CaffeineThe lime green exterior of Cafe Caffeine has such crisp, inviting lines that I remembering cycling up to the building before it opened last October and peering in impatiently wondering when, when, when would we be let in. The garden patio, imaginatively carved out of a corner of the tarmac parking lot, provides a cool oasis to sip your morning brew next to the metal sculpture waterfall designed by Bouldinista Faith Schexnayder.

Inside the vibe is 50s avante-garde. If it weren’t 100 degrees outside, you could imagine the tables populated by beatniks in black turtlenecks pouring their souls into their poetry notebooks while quaffing very black coffee. Cafe Caffeine does host poetry readings as well as live music but most of the writers are tapping away at their laptops. The atmosphere is congenial to the bookish types among us whether we’re writing the next great American novel or blogging our latest tale of woe via the free WiFi. When the new Twin Oaks Library finally opens across the way, all will be right with this corner of the world.

I come primarily for the pastries. The assortment of pies, cakes, and cheesecakes looks so luscious I have a hard time choosing. The selection varies. Today I walked in dreaming of apple pie and found only quiche.

Owner, Jeff Lewis, was one of the forces behind Two Unemployed Democrats (now The Unemployed Democrats Company) which was located on the north side of West Mary across from Cafe Caffeine. Recently he’s moved the bumper stickers and T-shirts into a corner of the cafe. His vision for Cafe Caffeine is more than just a place to grab your caffeine and sugar fix. He sees it as a place for neighbors to gather and nurture their creative and political ideas, a place for art and politics to mix with food and friends.

Cafe Caffeine: 909 West Mary Street; Austin 78704 (of course!)
M – S: 7AM to midnight
Sunday: 8AM to 10PM

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  1. Annie in Austin (unregistered) on July 29th, 2006 @ 2:06 pm

    The waterfall sculpture looks very cool and cooling – bet it helps with outside noise, too. Until we have weather conducive to wearing the black turtleneck – will a flapping 100% cotton Hawaiian one be cool enough?


    BTW – if you check out the website when you’re supposed to be working, be aware that it immediately starts playing atmospheric music.

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