Grindhouse Teaser Posters

Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Publishing recently released some teaser posters for Comic-Con promoting the upcoming Grindhouse double feature movie project he’s been working on with Quentin Tarantino. From the posters, we learn the names of the movies (Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof and Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror) and the planned release date (April 6, 2007). From what’s reported in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, we learn that the movies will resemble something from a QT Fest at the Drafthouse, as a double bill of blood and guts 70s exploitation movies with an intermission of trailers for fake 70s b-movies. According to IGN’s Chris Carle, who saw a preview at Comic-Con, the footage is “righteous.”:

When describing the tone behind the double feature, Tarantino lamented that in the Seventies, the grind house pictures would always have posters that were much better or more exciting than the movies they advertised. With this collaboration, Tarantino promised, “We’re gonna make two sleazy grind house movies that deliver on the poster and more.” Expounding on the format, he stated, “This isn’t some Twilight Zone type of bullsh*t… This isn’t a faux double feature anymore. This is two movies for the price of one.”

The posters themselves are also quite “righteous,” with Tarantino’s simple red and white poster being reminiscent of a lost 70s Russ Meyer classic and Rodriguez’s taking a more modern “Sin City” approach. The Death Proof poster has a reference to Austin’s Burnet Road Drive-In theater, which is now occupied by a self-storage facility.

Rather than using studio methods to achieve the posters’ worn look, Rodriguez told EW his team did the old fashioned way, “by dragging it around the parking lot.”

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