Redelivery request with memorial diversion

It takes a new carrier some time to get it all straight; that’s probably why this tri-subscription houshold received two copies of the local daily, one in a sleeve and one bound by a latex band, rather one each of three different newspapers. The circulation department of the local daily delivers all three these days. This is a household with a rotary-dial telephone, so automated message trees are useless. It’s wait for an operator. And wait. And wait some more. Or it’s try the on-line system for reporting delivery problems, which has its own built-in delays, since the Internet service is dial-up and download times can be s-l-o-w. While one window is rewriting itself or while “SUBMIT” is working, it’s tempting to Google somebody or something in the meantime. And that’s how I found that the Texas State Cemetery, a favorite Austin shady place, now has a great search feature for finding information about those who have been laid to rest there and those who plan to repose there in the future. Some, though still living, have already purchased headstones, had them carved, and placed them in the plot assigned. Where this has been done, a photograph is available. My favorite category is “spouse,” and within that classification my favorite is “future,” which shows that the primary eligible person has thoughts of marrying or remarrying and has provided for the future resting place of that future spouse’s mortal remains. There’s still time to make “a significant contribution to the history of Texas” or otherwise to meet eligibility requirements. The missing paper was indeed redelivered, and it was found during the noon hour on the front porch just inside the screen door.

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