Austin Daze Interviews ACL Producer Terry Lickona

For its 60th issue, Austin Daze continues to score great interviews. In addition to talking to director Kevin Smith, the Daze folks conducted a Q and A with “Austin City Limits'” producer Terry Lickona (pdf), in which he reveals that Van Morrison, the Raconteurs and Cat Power will all be taping segments during or after the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

We also find from Lickona out which shows caused the most tension for the ACL staff, including a taping featuring a certain someone who’s become famous for on-stage meltdowns:

The show we did just a couple of years ago with Ryan Adams was kind of a weird experience because he was having some kind of temper tantrum that night. He couldn’t get his guitar in tune and he kept blaming the guitar tech for not doing it right. After every song he would hand his guitar back to this guy and then he would go sit there on the corner of the stage and wouldn’t say anything. And the audience is sitting there saying, “What’s up with him? What’s his problem?” And finally, at the end of the show he was
so pissed off he took his guitar–I don’t know what kind of guitar it was or how expensive it was–but he just took it and smashed it to bits on the stage and handed it to the first person in the
audience and walked straight out the door, out of the building and was gone. Nobody saw him
for the rest of the night.

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