El Regio

mss_ElRegio.jpgEvery time we venture into deep south Austin on our way to Lowe’s to pick up supplies for the never-ending kitchen remodel, we’re is fascinated by the logo at El Regio. From a distance it looks rather like a religious icon: a halo (actually a yellow cowboy hat), red “sacred heart of Jesus” robes (an apron), and angel wings (chicken wings). The chicken stands face forward with one wing resting limp-wristed on his hip causing AJ to refer irreligiously to El Regio as “that gay Jesus chicken place.”

Needless to say our curiousity was piqued and today we stopped by for the first time to pick up some pollo asado al carbon. Despite the mural on one wall showing a vat of golden oil spilling over, this is not fried chicken but marinaded chicken slowly roasted over charcoal. We got a whole chicken for $12.00 which included corn tortillas, sides of rice and beans, whole roasted onions, slices of lime and salsa. The chicken was great but what caught my tastebuds was the creamy and hot jalapeno avocado sauce. The experience was yummy and inexpensive so we will definitely be going back.

Two footnotes. Metroblogging Austin’s own MJL Kellogg noted in February that a case had been filed against the Austin restaurant chain by seven employees over unpaid overtime. And, Digital Witness, a video survellance company, announced that El Pollo Regio currently uses the system both to keep and eye on customers and to be able to “manage” their employees from a remote location.

El Regio
704 W Stassney Lane (northwest corner of Stassney and S 1st). Other locations around town.

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