Emo’s 14th Anniversary: Scratch Acid and Gorch Fock

David YowFrom the Better-Late-Than-Never Edition:

I checked out the Emo’s 14th Anniversary Show this past Saturday. It was hot. It was crowded. There was a lot of sweat. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised given that it was an outdoor show in Austin in August. Who’da thought that the reunion would rate a cover story in XLEnt AND and cover story in the Chronicle.

I caught Gorch Fock’s last two songs. Austinist has a review of their latest CD today. I’d always meant to see them and intended to catch the whole show, but it didn’t happen. I was a big fan of Starfish, so I’m always interested in Jason Morales-affiliated projects. I didn’t see him onstage on Saturday, however. Anybody know why he wasn’t there? No longer in the band?

I also thought I recognized the singer. It turns out I did, but not exactly as I thought. Turns out, via some InterTubeWeb stalking, that he’s the twin brother of one of my neighbors, who apparently was in the cast of Texas Ranch House and who we saw in a report on a local news station (News8Austin?) about the opening of Talladega Nights at Alamo South Lamar. Have I ever mentioned that Austin’s a small town? Well, yeah.

Scratch Acid brought it. They played for over an hour and covered a lot of material. “Cannibal” hit early on and “She Said” was one of the last numbers. Yow made jokes, hung from the rafters and dedicated the show to Randy “Biscuit” Turner among others. Brett Bradford brought his son along to watch from the sidelines. Rey Washam looked very much the California surfer dude and showed his still got it, being the only one of the bunch still actively playing (I think). David Wm. Sims looked possessed and was rock solid as always. He must’ve been questioning his choice of shirt a few songs into the set.

I decided against bringing the camera, so I only got a few lame camphone shots, including the one you see here of David Yow trying to cool off on 6th Street after the show. Plenty of other people had cameras though, including several high-end looking video cameras. These two Flickr sets have some pretty good shots. Anyone else?

I wonder if any of our Chicago brethren are attending the Touch N Go 25th Anniversary that was the catalyst for this little shindig?

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