Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!

MADPOST.jpgYour opportunity to watch bosomy college girls prancing around and singing is nigh!

Well, kinda.

Tickets are on sale for the 26th Annual Madrigal Dinner in UT’s Union Ballroom. Once again they’ve wrangled me into singing so I’ll be there, a delicious four course meal will be there, a play will be there, and I know with all those myriad selling points YOU’LL be there too :o) Hopefully!

I got into Madrigal through my friend Jonathan. When I was a wee freshman with nothing to do he’d drag me out to a madrigal party, and that’s where I made friends. Madrigal dinner’s put on by the Madrigal Dinner Committee, which is part of the Student Events Center, and we’re all a little insane. Anyone wearing a corset has to be a little insane. Now you know.

So once I got into that crowd it was only natural that after Jonathan graduated I should try out myself so I could keep hanging out with my new friends. And even though I walked in with alleriges so bad I could barely croak out the song, I somehow made it, and those crazy people have become my family. We bonded over beautiful concert songs, raunchy wenching songs, and all that time cooped up together in a ballroom. And I love them, for the most part, and you will too. If you’d like to join in our fracas, then hit up texasboxffice.com. Cheaper tickets are yours if you’re a student but you’ll have to buy them in person, and these sell out fast!

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