Footloose, fancy-free, festive, and finding

rudy1.jpgIn the twinkling of an eye, I was freed of some possessions (and of some money, too). The good people at Goodwill on South Lamar unburdened me of the old 386 desktop. What I hated to see go, but was glad to see gone, was the LaserJet III with the PostScript cartridge. Back when I was going crazy laying out newsletters and filling them with content, that was a lifesaver; for longer than I care to admit, it’s been merely a space-taker. Gone are its manuals, cables, and other paraphernalia. Replacing the hulking desktop, monitor, and printer are vistas and vistas, almost as far as the eye can see, of Empty Horizontal Surfaces!

The Twin Oaks branch library still has an operating swap table. I wish many happy hours of reading to whoever gets there first to recycle the periodicals. And when photos were picked up at the CVS almost next door, there were Cella dark-chocolate-covered cherries. Well; there were. Even though they cost twice as much as they used to at Target, those festive red cartons are a holiday tradition. And it’s the “dark” part that’s important. Milk-chocolate candies are not that hard to find. The “Cella” part counts too, because the rivals’ quality isn’t comparable. Target failed the other day on the house-brand razor blades, too, but the drugstore had some that appear to be identical, right down to the shape of the packages. That marks two quests concluded, in practically no time at all.

And the peripatetic Rudolph’s Christmas-tree stand has found just enough space to return to the Maria’s (and now Walgreen) spot at Bluebonnet and South Lamar. The trees aren’t set out yet, but I bet they will be tomorrow or the day after. The holidays are upon us and now I’m a little bit more ready for them, thanks to a bit of time well invested.

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