Bovine sign of the season

bevopixx.jpg Ride’em, cowboy! These longhorns are to be seen every holiday season, and sometimes at other times of the year, at the southeast frontage of Riverside and IH-35, at the little triangular highway easement that sits just under the hill where development is projected, where Time Insurance now occupies one of the buildings, and where a large combination spa and B&B, complete with an outdoor swimming pool, used to be. There didn’t happen to be any children perched in the saddles of these patient beasts today at the time I went by, but there usually are. Somehow, people manage to exit the road, have their children photographed, and return to the line of traffic. Enough of them patronize this now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t photo opportunity that the concession returns again and again. There are never any signs, just one or two longhorns saddled up and grazing, if they’re between customers, with a giant Lone Star flag as a backdrop meant to catch the eye.

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