A royal party

Lucky me, I snagged a ticket to the Lion King cast party and dragged one of my best friends, Brandon, along for the ride.

They had it at Ringside at Sullivan’s, which is beautiful and high class- I will definitely go back. CUTE bartenders kept the drinks coming (baby’s first Cosmo!) and muy caliente Cienfuegos played through the evening. I’ve got to say, they are the best latin/cuban (pardon my ignorance as to the exact genre) band I’ve ever heard. I really loved their music.

The cast was really sweet! I met Ta’Rea Campbell- the actress who plays Nala, one of the boys who plays Young Simba, and the tutor who travels with the children. I told Ta’Rea and the tutor to hit up the shopping here, because there is no place like Austin when it comes to shopping…I said to check out SoCo, especially my favorites Goodie Two Shoes and New Bohemia. They’re going to be here for six weeks, they might as well drop some cash here and there!

The best part, though, was when I was watching the show beforehand and I noticed something familiar about Zazu. I thought I’d heard him somewhere before….sure enough, it was Tim McGeever, who had a wonderful stint as Mozart in St. Ed’s production of Amadeus awhile back. I was so excited to meet him, he’s so talented!

All in all it was a perfect night- a fantastic show, and a wonderful party.

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