Blowed up pretty good

DSC_3708Ahhh, Intel building. We’ve had some good times, haven’t we? The excitement of a high tech headquarters downtown, the concern over city funding thrown at you, the anger of your abandonment, the wry amusement over your continued existence …

It all came to a close this deceptively chilly morning. Several hundred Austinites gathered around 3rd and Guadalupe to see the official button pushing and subsequent choreographed destruction. The crowd was giddy with anticipation, even cheering the towing services and motorcycle cops. The pre-show entertainment continued with an incoherent citizen rant and police showdown, providing a few sparks prior to the big bang.

The show went down around 7:30am, with local demolition duffer Michael McGill granted the opportunity to push the button (actually, the ceremonial device looked more like one of the old time push-boxes Wile E. Coyote might have ordered from ACME). An initial rush of explosions seemed to have little impact before a second wave sent the structure falling in on itself. Surprisingly, huge chunks of the building remained standing, making me wonder if we’ll all be back next weekend to watch Ramon and Sons finish the job.

I guess Intel is more resilient than we thought.

Update (11:20am 2.25.07): Despite the awkward remnants left jutting three stories high, a spokesperson claims the Intel Implosion went as planned. Cue Pee-Wee Herman …

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